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Michael Maroussas is a Sound Editor / Designer working in London

  1. Enos Desjardins permalink

    Hi Michael!
    I was searching for you on the internet and stumbled onto this blog of yours! Great stuff! This will definitely become another blog I’ll keep checking up!
    The reason I was searching online was because Tim Prebble mentioned you had asked if any of his interns was London based. I am one of the four interns he has chosen and am based in the UK. I am currently based in Manchester but I’ve just finished my studies and am on the lookout for work at the moment as I continue working on several films!

    I’ve left my email attached in case! Take care!

  2. happy to find your blog, Michael.

  3. Great blog Michael.

    I really need to keep on top of your posts 🙂

  4. nino permalink


    I found a post of yours regarding the field use of a USBPre2 ( I’m trying to figure out myself how to make this work. Do you have any new?

    I see from the specs that the USBPre2 must be powered through an ACTIVE USB connection.

    I would love to hear good news 😉



  5. nino permalink

    Thank you for that info! Why do you prefer the second one?

    I suppose you go with the 702 for ergonomic reasons, right?


    • Can’t help you with that one I’m afraid; just quoted what was on @ntkeep’s tweet.
      As for 702, yeah obviously best to have a dedicated unit rather than separate pre’s, battery and hard drive if at all possible.
      Good luck with your search Nino!

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