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Audioboo and iPhone Recordings

June 16, 2010

Some of you may have noticed that a new widget has appeared in my sidebar recently.  I’ve just set up an RSS feed from my newly-opened Audioboo account so that you can hear field recordings that I capture on my iPhone from time to time.  Unlike my Soundcloud tracks, these are free for you to download and do whatsoever you may please with them.  “Gee thanks!” I hear you all say – as if a phone recording’s going to be any use to anyone, eh?  Well, I was surprised.

I’m not pretending these are great sounding recordings but I do think they are good enough to enable them to be used in commercial projects.  Not as foreground FX or exposed sounds; I’m talking about using them for atmos FX, tucked in amongst other elements.  I believe that the deficiency in sonic quality is compensated for by their precious content – spontaneous events which occur when a pro recorder isn’t to hand.

So far, I have found that the main attraction of recording with a phone, as you can see from my list of Boos, is capturing stealth recordings of various noisy people around town.  Shouts and spontaneous bursts of laughter are great for adding detail to urban soundscapes, and the low end content of the traffic ‘bed’ that will inevitably run throughout such a scene will help mask the thin quality of the recording which belies it’s origin.

I’m waiting for the release of the new Mikey from Blue Microphones to see if this improves things even further.  Already more and more recording apps are emerging – the coolest (looking) one so far has to be the McDSP Retro Recorder, but Audiofile Engineering’s FiRe is recommended for use with the Mikey add-on, if that means anything.

If you would like to download any of the Boos I’ve recorded then simply click on ‘FREE BOOS’ in the sidebar on the right and then Ctrl-click on the little ‘play’ icon of the Boo you want to download and then select ‘Download Linked File’.

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  1. Hey, Michael-

    I agree that the quality of the recordings is good enough to use in a project. It’s surprising how good they turned out. The Mikey looks very cool – thanks for clueing me into that.


  2. sonicskepsi permalink

    No probs – good to hear from you Matt

  3. Jeremy permalink

    Hey I know this post is really old, but I have the Retro Recorder on my Iphone and I actually use it all the time for little stuff like that! Its totally the best and I actually wound using it as a foreground effect in one project (after some major cleanup and noise reduction though).

    • sonicskepsi permalink

      If you’re using your phone in that way, I definitely recommend the Blue Mikey attachment – massively improves sound quality. Check out a sample of a random station platform atmos I uploaded a while back:

      I haven’t tested it but I’d imagine the new Apogee mic will be good too.

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