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Wednesday: Abriachan Forest

May 13, 2010

No water sounds today!  I had planned to go to the coast today but in the end we went to Abriachan Forest.

I think I was expecting the forest to be teeming with birdsong but instead I was taken aback by just how quiet it was.  There was absolutely no audible plane or car noise but I will have to edit out some distant chainsaw and also a nearby workman occasionally hammering away – although his hammer blows did serve to highlight the beautiful acoustics of the forest.  I also managed to pick up a tick while sat on the forest floor for the 15 minutes that it took to get my recordings.  I got rid of it but have been scratching imaginary ones ever since…….

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  1. I really like your site, however, it would be great if you embedded the soundcloud player into the post instead of just a link. thx.

    • sonicskepsi permalink

      Thanks for the tip Josh. When I originally started using Soundcloud I got the impression that you couldn’t use the actual widget unless you had a pro/premium wordpress account but obviously I was wrong. Will get it sorted as I agree it would be much better to be able to play clips within the post.

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