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My Week in Scotland: Sunday

May 9, 2010

I’m on holiday this week in the West Highlands of Scotland, near Loch Ness.  I normally use holidays to have a break from computers but, although we’re staying in a fairly remote place, there is internet access here so for once I thought that it would be fun to keep a kind of sound diary of my trip.

So, this morning I went for a little wander and came across a classic ‘babbling brook’ just down the hill from where our cottage is, which I’ve made my first sound of the week.  I’ll be uploading these sound clips straight from my Sound Devices on an old laptop this week so apologies for any rough edges!

Babbling Brook

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  1. Nice stuff! I’m tired of recording city sounds and can’t wait to get to some nature soon! Should be going to Canada next month so will be in some deep forest I hope…just need to figure out how to bring my sound devices recorder and mics through customs :S

    Enjoy Scotland!

  2. sonicskepsi permalink

    Yes I’m hoping I can get some forest atmoses while I’m here too – having trouble escaping the sound of water at the moment and off to the coast tomorrow so that’s set to continue!
    Canada should be amazing; I look forward to hearing any recordings you get out there.
    Regarding customs, I just took my Sound Devices and stereo Schoepps in my suitcase that I checked in – is it not just as easy as that or have I been lucky?

  3. Enos Desjardins permalink

    I think its a real fine line. If they think you are bringing professional recording gear that could be intended for professional work they can charge you customs or something. But maybe it will be fine carrying just my 744 and shotgun. If they ask what I’ve got in the bag I’ll just say I have a shotgun and a weird electronic device with running numbers! That will go down well :p

    Well good to know you had it that easy…I might just do that as I’d hate to be a month in Canada and not have the recorder with me!

    • sonicskepsi permalink

      Wow, didn’t realise that. I guess ignorance really is bliss occasionally! The only other time I can remember taking pro gear abroad was on a flight to San Francisco for “Finding Neverland” mix at Skywalker years ago. I’m pretty sure I packed it rather than carried it on the plane then too and had no problems.
      Damn! Now I know all this I’m probably going to attract loads more attention from customs on the way home by looking really nervous! Surely within the EU it’s ok…….?

  4. Enos Desjardins permalink

    I’m not sure but I’d suppose so…the documents I read applied directly to Canada. I really want the recorder with me though so I must figure out how to take it along!

  5. Sounds wonderful! Can you embed your soundcloud players on your blog? You should be able to.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. sonicskepsi permalink

    Thanks Michael – yeah finally started embedding my clips within posts and will do from now on. Josh flagged it up on a later post as well: stupidly I had thought that you had to have a WordPress Premium account to be able to do that.

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