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Oxford Circus Preacher

January 12, 2010

I’ve been working in Soho in London recently and so I’ve been coming home via Oxford Circus tube station for a change.

Oxford Circus is regularly frequented by people preaching (or, more often than not, just shouting gibberish) and one evening on my way home I thought I’d try and capture a recording.

Annoyingly, even within the shelter of a doorway, my Zoom H4 was incredibly sensitive to wind and so unfortunately by the time I’d cleaned up the recording I was left with a measly 30 second clip.  I know I could get a windjammer for it but I’m currently holding out for a second-hand Sony PCM-D50 (maybe their price will drop a bit now the PCM-M10 has been released?)  so it seems daft investing in the Zoom as well.  I think in the meantime I’m going to start using my old Sony minidisc (MZ-N710) with my Microphone Madness mini omnis and see how it compares.

Oxford Circus Preacher

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  1. i had gone back to my minidisc (r909) for field recordings after making the wrong move and getting a microtrack.. the pcm-m10 set things straight again.

  2. sonicskepsi permalink

    Great PCM-M10 review on your site, Georgi – thanks for the tip.

  3. Hi Michael,

    For low cost application I use and recommend the Zoom H2. For those wanting something a little more substantial I recommend the Olympus LS 10 which is very similar to the Sony.

    My commiserations to Georgi on the MicroTrack. It was one of the first generation of flash recorders and was generally disliked, in fact I would say it was the worst of those first generation machines by a long way, but the latest range and so much better now.

    If you want video as well I saw a review of a Zoom device that puts an HD camera into an H2, looked really good.


  4. I think holding out for a PCM-D50 is smart. I have an H2 with me at all times, but its capsules are the same as your H4. I did get a little afro-like Rycote windscreen for the H2 and it helps, but it’s not as legit as a zeppelin or blimp for real wind protection. The D50 lacks XLR ins, but if you’re looking for clean, quality built-in mics for grab-n-go recording, it seems to come up the winner every time!

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