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Liquid Mix

September 9, 2009

I picked up a second hand copy of Focusrite’s Liquid Mix HD for just £100 on Ebay the other day!  I never have any luck spotting bargains on that website (everything always seems more expensive than buying brand new whenever I have a look) so fortunately a mate of mine, who’d heard me mention the software ages ago, tipped me off when he saw it up for auction.

It only turned up this morning so I haven’t had that much of a play with it yet but I can already imagine it becoming my ‘go to’ compressor and EQ plugin.  The Chiswick Reach compressor and the Pultec EQ in particular have stood out so far.

I think my favourite compressor plugin has still got to be the Puigchild emulation by Waves.  However, the lottery win that is necessary for me to take that step into the world of Waves plugin ownership is not likely to come anytime soon, so until that day I’m sure the Liquid Mix is going to come in very handy.

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