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Ironing Board Dub!

August 26, 2009

You wouldn’t think so judging by this post, but I’m actually really busy at the moment.  So how I ended up messing about with dub style ironing board sounds I’m not sure.

I was originally just going to upload these metal scrapes and bangs, which I’ve been recording for an element of a sound I’m designing, pitched down from 96kHz to 48kHz, in reference to this post by Noise Jockey from the other day.

I then downloaded the Waves Hybrid Line demos because I wanted to see if the H-Comp would give the sounds more punch.  It did but in the end the H-Delay was more of a discovery because I found that it produces a very decent outdoor slap echo effect.  Digidesign’s ‘Slap Delay 2’ and Silverspike’s RoomMachine 844 also produce decent results on long sounds, such as car passes or sirens, but are not usable on short percussive sounds which leave the obviously synthetic echo effect too exposed.  However, I found H-Delay’s Slap Delay quite believable on these shorter sounds.


In any case, the slap went out of the window once I started messing around with it more and experimenting with the dub and tape delays.  Inevitably, playing about with plugins like this always makes me determined to find the time to get on with making some music again, but this 30 second ‘dub delayed’ ironing board sound (!) will have to do for now…….I’ve left the sound quite dry so the original sound is still very present but it also gives a bit of a taster of the H-Delay at work.

Ironing Board Dub!

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  1. Heh, that’s pretty wicked! Sounds like a gigantic machine I’d not want to be in the cogs of. Nice!

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