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Final Mix in Germany

June 21, 2009

I’ve just got back from a few days in Halle, just outside of Berlin, final mixing a film that I’ve been working on for the past few weeks.

Unfortunately, there’s not a great deal I can report about the actual mix as I’m always wary of even mentioning films’ names until they’re out in the public domain, lest I accidentally reveal something that I’m not supposed to.

However, Halle itself was an interesting, if slightly surreal, town.  It has an attractive mix of large, elaborate period buildings (some dating back to the 1600s) and newer developments which utilise the pure, clean lines of modernist architecture.

The studio I was mixing at was part of a new ‘media village’ that’s been built recently in Halle, and so obviously falls into the latter category.  Unfortunately, it seems like a bit of a white elephant at the moment but it’s a great building with theatres of a size that you would pay a hell of a lot more for here in London.  

Outside of the dubbing theatre, the building has an amazing sounding main hallway which was not that broad but very high-ceilinged.  Even the smallest of sounds triggered such long and clean reverberations that it almost sounded like they were being processed through a reverb unit!  If I was based here, I would definitely look into setting up a speaker and microphone in order to create my very own reverb chamber!  

There was hardly a sole around most of the time but there was just enough activity on the upper levels (I was listening from the ground floor) to make it worth recording a few minutes of distant chat and footsteps.

Halle Studio Hallway

Halle Studio Hallway Atmosphere

(I’m not a massive fan of the Zoom H4, which is the device I used for this recording, but hopefully you get the idea)

Similarly to the media village, Halle seems like a ghost town most of the time, and yet it is full of large open squares as though mass demonstrations or music festivals are expected imminently.  Basically, if you ever find yourself working on some apocalyptic movie such as ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ or ‘I Am Legend’ and you need to get hold of atmospheres of desolate city streets, book yourself a weekend away in Halle.

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