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Recording Household Sounds

June 11, 2009

I’ve been away on holiday for the past week, hence the absence of any new posts for a while.  I did plan to stay solely in holiday mode  and switch off from sound for a week but, in the end, I couldn’t resist sticking a recorder in with the luggage just in case.

Although I was in a rural part of West Sussex, there was still quite a lot of plane noise which made it pointless trying to get any bird atmoses, so instead I made the most of the old farmhouse I was staying in and spent a couple of hours one night wandering around recording any interior features that might be of use for future projects.

The subsequent recordings are not exactly groundbreaking (light switches, cabinet doors, drawers, etc.) but they are, at least, a reasonable addition to my ‘Household’ FX folder in my  sound library.

It’s great accumulating sound FX like this because, when you’re tracklaying, it is very useful to have a visual impression of the different locations where the sound FX that you are using were recorded.  Ultimately, you obviously let your ears be the judge when selecting the best sounds to use.  However, the space in which a recording is made is often, if not always, as important as the actual subject being recorded.  Consequently, personal experience of that space can be invaluable when matching sounds to picture.

Lastly, there was a long stretch of country lane running past the farmhouse which provided really long car approaches, so I recorded a five minute track of car passes – another sound effect you can never have too many of – and then made myself put my microphone away for the rest of the holiday…..


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