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May 2, 2009


I see that “Compulsion” is to finally make it’s UK TV debut on ITV1 on Bank Holiday Monday (9pm).

I worked on this early last year, as Supervising Sound Editor, and was beginning to wonder if it was ever going to make an appearance on TV.  Likewise, another television project I worked on last year, “Sleep With Me”, seems to have disappeared without trace, and with no sign of even distant scheduling plans visible on the net.

An airing on TV obviously has no direct benefit or importance for me as a sound editor, but it is always nice to feel that a project you’ve worked hard on has reached it’s intended destination.  Otherwise, I always imagine it being wheeled away to the back of some huge, dusty archive, like at the end of some Indiana Jones film (is it Temple of Doom?), never to be seen again.

I’m not going to pretend to understand the mechanics of how TV channels work out scheduling, but I can only presume that advertising revenues are down because of the economic downturn, so TV companies have less money to spend on commisioning new drama and therefore have to be more frugal in the rate at which they release shows from their stockpile.

It may be no coincidence that “Compulsion” is appearing barely a week after the reality show, “Hell’s Kitchen” finished it’s run.  If ITV’s drama scheduling tactics involve steering  clear of clashes with highly popular reality TV shows, you can see how a year could easily fly by before an opportunity presented itself.

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